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pfg The idea for Global Yachts was born when Peter F. Gontha, President of the Company, and a yacht owner himself, along with several other top Asian businessmen was invited to a cruise on board an international bank's chartered luxury yacht.

Gontha noted that the guests enjoyed the experience immensely and the bank had generated a tremendous amount of goodwill. He floated the idea of affordable luxury yacht ownership, with just one low investment, to his partner Johnny Widjaya, another yacht owner and entrepreneur.

Together they created a global concept that finally will allow member shareholders to have all the advantages, but none of the disadvantages, of either owning or chartering a luxury yacht.

The co-founders had identified a desire not only for luxury and prestige, but also for privacy, flexibility and attentive service "We will attract people who know what they want and expect to get it," as Gontha puts it.

Now the planned fleet of luxury yachts is to be backed up by some of the world's best real estate to give even the most discerning clients a choice of lifestyle and recreation second to none.

The whole package is to be underpinned by a global concierge service to take care of every single need of owners and their guests.

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