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Making sure you and your guests have a grand time onboard starts even before you step aboard your yacht.

Once your dates and yacht are confirmed, our professionals swing into action and get underway with fuelling the yacht and prepping it for the voyage, filling the galley with groceries and provisions, and ensuring your favorite wine, drinks and cigars are on hand.

You can even personalize your yacht by arranging with Global Yachts to have your favorite photographs and memorabilia displayed and personal items shipped and displayed before you set even foot onboard.

You will have your own Louis Vuitton chest to store your personal items so they can be stored and shipped by Global Yachts to where your yacht is docked.

So by the time you set foot on the deck with your guests, your yacht will have a personalized and homely feel to it - yet another way to stamp your signature as an owner of the yacht.

There will be no room for doubt in anyone's mind that you own the yacht. The crew will greet you by name the moment you step aboard.

Your personal butler is on board to take care of your every need, from stocking the bar with your favorite drinks, arranging onshore hotel accommodation, gourmet picnics, and dinner parties, through to organizing a memorable New Year's Eve blockbuster.

The personalized service also includes use of a Bentley and Porsche - the choice is yours - and access to Global Homes, a collection of luxury homes scattered across five continents, as well as special privileges with the Hyatt International hotels.

Still need to reach out and communicate with your office or headquarters or keep abreast of stock market movements and monitor investments?

Not a problem! Direct access to global information will be available at your fingertips.

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