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Leverage in Your Lifestyle
You don't need to prove anything anymore. You've simply come to deserve the best in life. But wasting money is not your style.
And indeed, a luxury yacht requires a huge investment. Plus it's an idle asset if you can spare only a few weeks a year of leisure time - as with most. With the Global Yachts exclusive program, a fraction of the cost of buying a luxury yacht gets you a fleet of 24 mega yachts in one go! A prudent way to invest in your lifestyle.

If you have a private banking account, you may prefer to obtain back-to-back leverage and still come out ahead. Your placement may be yielding 8% or higher, depending on your chosen risk-category basket. Presently, US Dollar LIBOR-based floating rate loans cost some 3.75% (1.75% six-month rate + 2% prime rate spread), thereby allowing you a spread income of 4.25% or more. Your interest expense may even be tax deductible.

If you still don't have a private banker and you're willing to invest a minimum of US$1-million, Global Yachts may help you open one with Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, UBS, to name a few. Just give the word and we will alert your selected private banker to discreetly get in touch with you. They may even provide such additional services as registering a blind trust and opening a BVI account for and in your behalf.

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