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Expand Your Horizon
No need to be another Columbus.

Most yacht owners can only go as far as where their single yachts can sail. With Global Yachts, you have a fleet spread across the globe. And the world is yours to discover! Your yachts will be accessible in the most desirable locations in Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe, and the Americas. You decide where to go.

Global Yachts has a place for you to visit, anytime of the year. Choose from the world's favorite-yachting playgrounds.

Call us, the minute you feel the urge to cut the ribbon and set sail to craft a business deal in style. With Global Yachts the world is at your beck and call. Your fleet awaits at world wide top spots accessible all the year-round!

Luxury yacht charters will also, for the first time, be available on a truly one stop global basis.

Summer all the year round?
Why not? With Global Yachts, there is no such thing as "off season". Our global spread of destinations allow you year round getaways. Escape the freezing winter of Boston to enjoy the sunny Cairns or the other way around. The superior tropical jewels of Phuket, Langkawi, and Bali- are good almost any time of the year. Just call us, the minute you feel the urge to let loose or craft a business deal.

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