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Magical Destinations
One glance at the fleet location map shows you just why Global Yachts is your passport to a brighter, more glamorous and more exciting future.

Delightful opportunities...for fun...pleasure...romantic discoveries...adventure...Make the most of your dreams.

Spend days at a time sailing from one deserted island to another..

Wake every morning and look out to see a brilliant blue sky and a shimmering turquoise ocean."I had no idea there were so many stars in the sky"...

Maybe it's a tough call, but someone has to make it. No matter whether you prefer the romantic ambience of the Mediterranean, or the exotic waters of the Asia Pacific or the Caribbean, Global Yachts has a location for YOU.

Sail to your own private, exclusive escapes or right to the heart of some of the world's top yachting destinations.

Sydney, Bali, Singapore, Phuket, Hong Kong, Cabo (Mexico), Los Angeles, Marina del Rey, Vancouver, the Caribbean, Miami, Marbella, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Athens, and Corfu...

Dine al fresco in these exclusive ports of call or search out your own tropical retreat at destinations ripe for the cover of a travel magazine...

Sail in turquoise waters, or berth your floating home where you can soak up the sunshine on white-sand beaches...

Split your vacations and cruise a week in the Mediterranean, a week in the Caribbean and a week in the Bahamas or Florida Keys.

Have a base of operations for the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, the La Nioulargue and a host of other fashionable events where the in thing is to be seen, especially on the deck of a fine yacht.

Create a lifetime of memories! Your vacations are only limited by your imagination!

You don't need to be a multi millionaire to enjoy a millionaire's lifestyle. No experience necessary...just bring along your love of adventure, secluded anchorages, and coral reefs...Soak up the sunshine...

No more e-mail. No more traffic. No more news. Just you, your yacht and paradise...

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