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If you have ever dreamed of owning a luxury yacht but gone lukewarm when looking into the cost and effort of maintaining it, then the Global Yachts ownership program may be just the thing for you. Consider this.......

Sole ownership of a luxury yacht is, without doubt, an expensive and time consuming proposition. There are two elements in owning a yacht: one that can be calculated up front, the initial price paid to own the asset, and then the second one, the ongoing cost.

This is the cost to maintain the yacht's sea-worthiness and to have it always spick and span, so you are proud to invite your friends and associates aboard. Industry experts calculate that you should expect to spend 10%-15% of the purchase price every year to maintain the yacht. So a $4 million yacht could cost $500,000+ a year to maintain.

Research shows that most yacht owners only make use of their asset for an average of 20-24 days a year, which works out to a cost of about $5,000 a day, PLUS the cost of a Captain and crew, PLUS the expense of docking and maintaining it.

Individual or corporate investment in Global Yachts is priced at a small fraction of the cost of buying a luxury yacht and entitles you to use any one of the yachts in the fleet - your own personal fleet - at a time convenient for you, at your preferred port or destination, and in pampered luxury.

The only contributuion you will need to make towards maintenance will be payment of an annual fee :

Shares Offer Units Yacht Usage Entitlement Annual Fees*
Pacific Up to 3 weeks / year US$ 50,000
Atlantic Up to 2 weeks / year US$ 35,000
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