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benefits of ownership
singaporeAt the end of the day, what can be more important than investing in your lifestyle? In a nutshell, through Global Yachts a cadre of only 300 selected global investors will get ownership rights and access to 24 mega yachts and 24 luxury homes, with none of the headaches and hassles associated with sole ownership of such assets.
Nowhere else can you get such value.

It can cost a fortune to buy such a luxury boat outright and maintenance costs can be anything up to US$ 1 million every year - for one boat only. This is without the cost of services!

Not only that but you will have a unique and limited opportunity to enjoy the same privileges in Global Homes - 24 luxury vacation homes located around the world.
Town and country, ski resorts and beaches we have them all!
All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your vacation and revel in the joys of being aboard some of the world's best yachts and vacation in fine residential homes

'Personalization' of yachts lends an added indulgence. Personal photographs and treasures can be stored in an owner's own Louis Vuitton trunk, and then shipped, unpacked and carefully installed onboard prior to arrival on board.

All a Global Yachts owner needs to do is sit back and enjoy his/her vacation and bask in the unsurpassed pleasure and comfort of the world's best yachts.

A luxury yacht is no longer the exclusive domain of the very rich thanks to Global Yachts.

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